DAREDEVIL continues to be the superhero book that proves that “nice art” can be better than “house style” as Mike Allred takes over for an issue. Mark Waid continues to write.

Allred takes over for regular artist Chris Samnee and teams with writer Mark Waid for one issue, Daredevil issue 17, which comes out in August and will feature Allred’s distinctive pop-art style.
The issue will be a part of “the ongoing Daredevil soap opera,” editor Stephen Wacker says, but also stand on its own. “It’s part madcap, but also a very personal story


  1. One of Marvel’s best books but I’m tired of (broke from) all the double-shipping and endless cross-overs with other books. This issue is a must-buy but otherwise will be dropping the title.

  2. Excellent. There’s a certain quality level established by Rivera, Martin, and Samnee. Allred is right in there.

    Koi Pham is by no means a bad artist, but he’s certainly not in the same league as the other guys who have worked on this book.

  3. Okay, first it was Green tv shows: Hulk and Green Arrow. Now it’s ALLRED drawing Daredevil. Red, get it? Dressed in All Red. Hmmm.

  4. I knew something was up when there was a letter from him in a recent issue. Too bad we can’t get him on a regular series like when he did X-Force. That was heaven!

  5. Having Mike on a mainstream book would be fine but I’d rather see him on a creator owned property.

    I bet Image could sell a few copies of iZombie …