§ The Eagle Awards Nominations are online, although a technical glitch means that your vote may not be counted. Welcome, Florida!

§ The Daily Cross Hatch is one year old. Belated congrats to Brian Heater and his whole great staff.

Gaiman Prince
§ Steve Bissette has posted the Dave McKean cover to Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman a book on you-know-who by Bissette, Chris Golden and Hank Wagner.

§ While we were out of town, the Staying in San Diego blog addressed what went wrong on Hoteloween :

We should point out that Travel Planners made significant upgrades and improvements to their system after 2007, both online and in their phone system. Comic-Con thought that the upgrade would be sufficient. Clearly, this was not the case.

Travel Planners told us that in the first five seconds of the site going live on Wednesday, they experienced three times the number of people requesting rooms as they had last year.

Also in the first five seconds, the site had the same number of people requesting a room as there were rooms available. So, while we were prepared for more people, we were not prepared for three times as many people and were certainly not prepared for as many people to call/log on as there were rooms available.

Also, for you numbers junkies here’s the skinny:

There are only 9,800 rooms within a 1.5 mile radius of the San Diego Convention Center and Comic-Con is only allocated 6,100 rooms in our block, mainly in this radius.

Emphasis added.

§ io9 asks Is Sky Doll Too Hot For America? Apparently the French BD approach to the story of a doll designed to serve the “state’s needs” is just as sexy as you’d imagine a French comic about a pleasure bot to be. What will Marvel do?

§ Peter David has started a crusade to make sure New York gets its due in international Monopoly sets:

While attending Toyfair, I found out that Hasbro is putting together an international version of Monopoly, and instead of street names on the board, there will be city names. The color coding remains the same: The most valuable real estate will be on blue spots, for instance (normally occupied by Broadway and Park Place), and then green, yellow and so on. There is currently a vote going on that is open to anyone in the world with a computer, and you can vote once a day for up to ten cities. The top vote getters will be on Broadway and Park Place, and the rest will be apportioned to the remainder of the real estate.

Now how, you may ask, is the United States faring in this international voting? The answer: Miserably.

The leading vote getter is thus far Istanbul, apparently because Turkey has a well-regulated internet militia armed and ready to win all internet polls.

§ Those who were around in comics in the 80s will recognize a familiar name from this story of online suicide cults.


  1. Funny, they said it was apparently already printed in Heavy Metal. It’s Marvel’s fault if they decide to edit the book at all. Honestly, I don’t see what would be so groundbreaking if it was already printed, probably just media hype.

  2. Yeah, Sky Doll has already been published on the US, on a special Heavy Metal issue. Don’t remember if it was censored, though.

    Hunter (Pedro Bouça)