With the Lone Ranger stuck in the middle of the San Diego maelstrom, it’s left to poor Tonto to try and cobble together some of the other news going on at the Con.

We recommend going to the big news sites (the ones that have mobilized armies of reporters to live blog from the show) for in-depth coverage of everything that’s going on this weekend.

CBR talks to Terry Moore about Runaways.

CBR on Bruce Timm’s new toons.

CBR on Matt Wagner and Grendel.

Newsarama talks Marvel Exclusives with Jimenez, Guggenheim.

Newsarama on IDW’s new Dr Who title.

6 PM ET update

CBR on Warren Ellis on Astonishing X-Men

CBR on Mark Waid being named Boom! EIC

9 PM ET update

** Grant Morrison and JG Jones named as creative team for FINAL CRISIS, a seven-issue, over-sized mini-series.

More news later in the day.

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