§ “Ruben Bolling” writes to us to let us know that his weekly comic strip, “Tom the Dancing Bug”, is now appearing on Boing Boing. Details here.

§ The HBO series Bored to Death is looking for comics fan extras and you even get paid and all.

Comer & Gallucio Casting is seeking comic book collectors and enthusiasts for an upcoming episode of the TV show
“Bored to Death”. This is for background work at a comic book convention scene.

This is a paid position – rate TBD

-SEEKING: Males & females, ages 18+, and must be legal to work in the US.

-SHOOT DATES/LOCATION: End of May (no specific dates yet but will probably be within the last week). Shooting in NYC.

-CONTACT: Please email the following info to [email protected]: Full name, phone number, and 2 current & clear snapshot photos (no professional shots). One should be of your face and the other should show your body. If you have costumes that you wear to conventions, please include photo of yourself in this costume, as you might be used with it on the show.


§ Richard Starkings talks about a potential ELEPHANTMEN movie, now that it has been optioned:

Screen Rant: What are some of the difficulties you see in bringing Elephantmen to the big screen?

Starkings: I don’t think that the difficulties are as great as they once might have been. I remember when I saw Phantom Menace, there was a character talking to Obi Wan in a diner and he was a CGI character, and, at that moment, I realized that CGI technology had developed far enough that a character with weight and substance could function. I’m not talking about Jar-Jar, because Jar-Jar is a whole other kettle of fish, but that particular character I thought, “Well, I could see Hip Flash and Ebony Hide brought to life that way.”

§ Prism Comics has presented this year’s Queer Press Grant to Ed Luce for his submission Wuvable Oaf and to Eric Orner for his submission Storybox. More here.

Eric Orner is a cartoonist, illustrator and animation artist.  His comic strip, “The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green”, one of the world’s most widely published LGBT-themed newspaper comics, has appeared in both gay and mainstream media throughout North America and Europe.  It was adapted into a feature film in 2005. His Storybox project, an online magazine devoted to publishing graphic and animated stories, features Orner’s multi-part travelogue Jerusalem Graphic Diary.

Ed Luce’s comic book series, Wuvable Oaf, chronicles ”one big, scary lookin’ dude’s search for romance in a city that looks suspiciously like San Francisco”.  His creation has quickly won acclaim from around the globe and was nominated in 2009 for an Ignatz Award in the “Promising New Talent” category.  Luce’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries, museums, store windows and bathrooms from San Diego to Buffalo to Paris.  For more information, go to wuvableoaf.com or visit the “Wuvable Oaf Boutique” at Goteblud, a vintage ‘zine store in San Francisco.

§ An advocacy group with the unikely name “The Sportsmen’s Alliance” is mad at Bluewater Press because Ellen DeGeneres is donating the proceeds from her Bluewater bio to the Humane Society. Let’s just call the Sportsmen’s Alliance “The Puppy Killers’ instead, okay?

The tone of the press release issued by Bluewater is one of surprise and amusement. Like so many “victims” of similar campaigns, the publisher appears to be basking in the publicity provided the Sportsmen Association’s activity, which like most similar campaigns is likely to be counterproductive.

We’re often mad at Bluewater for their crappy creator deals but in this case, we’ll buy every copy we can get.
§ Extreme Tech anoints iPad’s Secret Weapon: Comic Books

§ Well here’s a newsflash! In the Netherlands, April is the month of the graphic novel.

§ Not comics: How Twitter Is Ruining Celebrities 0– it sure is and we love EVERY MINUTE OF IT!


  1. Great. Now I can’t use the name “Scott Baio” in public, just like I can’t use “rusty trombone” or “teabagger” or “Belgium”!

    It’s amazing how much trouble can be caused with 140 characters.

    AND IT’S ALL BEING ARCHIVED AT THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS! Best use of tax dollars, 2010.

  2. “§ “Ruben Bolling” writes to us to let us know that his weekly comic strip “Tom the Dancing Bug” is now appearing on Boing Boing. Details here. ”

    Good news about Tom the Dancing Bug, it’s definitly the 3rd funniest comic on the internet.

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