§ Johanna Draper Carlson rounds up reactions to the end of the Zuda competition model, and some speculation as to how the system may have been gamed. We haven’t really noted this news, but in tandem with that announcement, Zuda also announced the return of Kevin Colden’s I RULE THE NIGHT, which had been on hold for more than a year due to its mature content rating.

There’s more! I RULE THE NIGHT is also going to be ZUDA COMICS’ first Mature Readers webcomic. That’s the reason behind the hiatus. Mostly. There was some other business going on with switching publishers and new executives.

Corporate structure aside, we knew this series was going to touch on some dark, thought provoking themes when it first launched but we still needed to do our editorial due diligence, plot out the series with Kevin and, in a larger context, determine just what having a mature readers series for ZUDA might mean. On the development side we have to make sure that users were able to opt in or out of viewing mature content, should they decide that it simply wasn’t for them, and how this affected navigation, the comic display and other site sections.

Looks like things are moving forward at Zuda — now if they could just ditch that embarrassing interface which was designed for people who never used the web before.

§ J. Caleb Mozzocco spins through this month’s sales charts:

11.) If the free market chose the Justice League, and the line-up were determined by which seven characters had the seven most popular solo, ongoing, in-continuity series, then the JLA would consist of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Batman Dick Grayson, Superman, Red Robin Tim Drake, Batgirl Stephanie Brown, Supergirl and Green Arrow. Currently, only one of those characters is on the four-person JLA line-up, and that’s Batman.

12.) Just for comparison’s sake, if The Avengers were chosen in the same manner, then their lineup would consist of Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Daken, Iron Man and Deadpool. Interestingly, the lineup for the upcoming main Avengers title includes four of those seven characters.

§ Rumbling in the blogosphere: Valerie D’Orazio has ended her Occasional Superheroine blog.

§ Edgar Wright has added three days of shooting to SCOTT PILGRIM in order to incorporate some bits from the final Scott Pilgrim volume, among other things.

§ Vertigo has announced two more titles for its Crime line, both due out in 2011:

In RAT CATCHER by Andy Diggle (The Losers) and artist Victor Ibanez, an undercover FBI agent and a notorious mob hitman become involved in a thriller with a twist that keeps the action moving and the characters playing a high stakes game of cat and mouse.

In NOCHE ROJA, a timely and explosive mystery by Simon Oliver and artist Jason Latour, the murders of young women just South of the Mexican border hide a deeper, darker corruption that retired private investigator Jack Cohen becomes determined to expose if it’s the last thing he ever does. Which it may be.


  1. @The Beat

    “Looks like things are moving forward at Zuda — now if they could just ditch that embarrassing interface which was designed for people who never used the web before.”

    YES! There are some damn good comics on Zuda but reading them is frustrating.

  2. RE: the JLA line-up. I respect the fact that creators want to have some characters in there who don’t have their own books and therefore they can advance their lives a bit. But frankly, that’s not what people want to read about in these team books.

    I’m not a big Morrison fan, but he showed in JLA that you can take a bunch of characters with their own books and tell good stories. You just deal with the conflicts. And maybe a little romance between the characters that can flow back to the main books if they want to.

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