Some news that slipped through the cracks in recent days:

§ The CBLDF has launched a program with Jaime Hernandez merchandise, which means it will probably be very popular.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Love & Rockets‘ debut, and CBLDF is proud to have Mr. Hernandez’s insightful take on Lady Liberty as the mascot for our 2013 membership program. When asked about why he created this extraordinary piece of art for CBLDF, Mr. Hernandez stated simply, “It’s pretty much a no brainer. We need the CBLDF.”

Here’s the new art in action:




§ South Park/Book of Mormon geniuses Trey Parker and Matt Stone are taking all their loot and forming their own studio, Important Studios, the NY Times notes. The duo have about $300 million invested in the studio, which will produce a movie version of the stage hit Book of Mormon. Some investment money from The Raine Group completes the menu.

§ Good news! Entertainment writer Geoff Boucher is back at Entertainment Weekly with a geek-news portal called Capetown. The new site will eventually morph into a film festival and more. Comics content is a regular feature thus far, including such things as an interview with Scott Snyder and a Hulk cover gallery.

§ Okay not really news, but Sean T. Collins has made a stab at a reading order for the Hellboy mythos, so you might want to clip that to Evernote.

§ Artist Ken Meyer Jr. has an Indiegogo campaign to help with some health problems. Although he has insurance, he can’t swing the deductible. The campaign has already covered that, but there could be hidden costs.