Ever since, thanks in large part to incredible fan demand support, a third season of the critically acclaimed Young Justice animated series was officially announced back in November 2016, fans have been eager for to know when to expect it to debut on the upcoming DC Universe digital streaming service. Aside from teaser art that debuted at last year’s SDCC, co-creators Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti have remained tight lipped regarding details of the third season titled Young Justice: Outsiders.

Any reader intimately familiar with the DC Universe is well aware of the superhero team that debuted in the 80’s, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine a new incarnation to play a role in the new season. Sure enough, yesterday on Twitter Vietti posted some new teaser art by art director Phil Bourassa featuring the Outsiders.

The majority of the characters in the teaser art are easy to identify and include much of the original iteration of the Outsiders (Black Lightning, Geo-Force, Halo, Katana, Metamorpho)  assuming the male character to the right of Katana is Geo-Force. There is debate online whether the female character in the middle is a new take on Halo or a different character such as Solstice from the Teen Titans. Of course, there is the predominant theory that it may in fact be Lightning, the daughter of Black Lightning. The mysterious six-armed red character thus far has most fans stumped with guesses ranging from Jack Kirby’s Forager to ReMAC (I had to look that one up).

Nothing has been officially confirmed at this time.

And of course, original members Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Connor Kent (Superboy), and Artemis Crock (now fully assuming the Tigress identity as we saw at the end of the second season) are on full display.