Marvel fans will recall that last year the publisher released a special Timeless one-shot featuring Kang the Conqueror and teases for future events coming within the Marvel Universe and beyond. Today Marvel announced a new Timeless #1 one-shot for December.

Writer Jed MacKay who penned last year’s one-shot returns and will be joined by artists Salvador Larroca, Greg Land and Patch Zircher. No additional members of the creative team were mentioned in the press release. The issue will sport a cover drawn by Kael Ngu.

Timeless one-shotOfficial press release below:

TIMELESS #1, the special year-ending one-shot that sets the stage for upcoming stories in the Marvel Universe, will return for a second year! Last year’s installment was a must-have for fans and received a much-demanded second printing. This year’s TIMELESS promises to be even more shocking with mysterious teases, exciting first appearances, and, at its core, a dramatic high-stakes journey for Kang the Conqueror! Marvel Comics superstar Jed MacKay (Moon Knight, Black Cat) will once again pen this thrilling adventure through Marvel space and time alongside a trio of blockbuster talent: Salvador Larroca, Greg Land and Patch Zircher. Laying the groundwork for 2023’s biggest developments, including what’s to come for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the wake of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, TIMELESS #1 will be an epic giant-sized comic that fans dare not miss!

The last battle of Kang the Conqueror! Tyrant of the timeline, master of endless legions, warrior and conqueror without compare, Kang is in search of the one thing he cannot have. But he is not the only one after the Missing Moment, and Kang soon finds himself in a new position — on the run across the events of the Marvel Universe’s future!

Though he couldn’t go into specifics, MacKay teased this year’s Timeless one-shot will be bigger than last year:

“Kang is back on another adventure – but could this be his last one? Once again, we step into the Conqueror’s thigh-high boots to go stamping through the future. But this time Kang is in an unfamiliar position: fleeing. TIMELESS 2022 is bigger and better than ever before. More previews of what the Marvel Universe has in store, more action, and a story that sets up the dominoes for a huge story coming in the future that I’m really excited to see play out!”

Considering the last year revealed the long-awaited return of Miracleman, that’s quite a high bar.

Look for Timeless #1 to arrive in stores and digitally on December 28th, 2022.


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