Hot on the heels of last night’s Supergirl premiere on CBS, the network has released a special trailer that teases what’s to come.  There are some romantic beats and some physical ones to go with them.  Several new villains, straight from the comics, are introduced.  We even get a scene that looks like it was taken right out of The Dark Knight.

Check the trailer out below:

What did we think of the pilot episode?  Read about it here.


  1. I’ve read comics my whole life. I love DC Comics in particular. I have a strong affinity for Silver-Age to Pre-New52 DC comics. I love almost every DC character.

    But I HATE Red Tornado.

    All he does is cry.

    Is that the fan favorite you were referring to? Who on earth likes Red Tornado- other than “Let’s rape everybody Brad Meltzer”

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