Check out the spiffy new site for Destructor, an ongoing webcomic by Sean T. Collins and the awesome Matt Wiegle, winner of the 2010 Ignatz award for Best New Talent. The character previously appeared in the Top Shelf 2.0 webcomics portal and the anthologies Elfworld (Family Style) and Murder (Partyka). According to the press release:

Set in a science-fiction-fantasy world that becomes all the more dangerous the second the title character sets foot in it, DESTRUCTOR is the story of the titular tyrant — an armor-clad immigrant to the sprawling Alpha System who rises to unimaginable power with the help of his brutal Mob of allies. Destructor and his world were first conceived by Sean when he was in third grade, 24 years ago. Ever since — in copious notes, in crude drawings, and in his head — he has developed and expanded the story, with the entire arc of Destructor’s career as a criminal and conqueror mapped out.