Say, does anyone out there know how to buy an obelisk?

We’re officially on vacation now, but will be posting a few tidbits just because we’re nice.

We should also mention that since we’re in Maine, we’ve been discussing the ongoing Mystery Beast Phenomenon, and we’ve heard some interesting discussion. For instance, the corpse was said to have been picked clean in three days…but judging by the way a dead porcupine sits by the side of the road here for months on end, that just doesn’t ring true. Rest assured, we’re on the case.


  1. Stepehen King wrote about this in the Dark Tower Series. The idea of people and animals appearing through doors from Alternate universes.
    The Term WalkIn appeared in Stephen King’s last Dark Tower book. Several WalkIns were reported in around his home in Maine.
    The term refered to a person or animal whose sudden appearance is regarded as an unexplained phenomenon. Some WalkIns are a little strange and others are obviously quite foreign. The general public has had no solid proof of anything paranormal, and most people regard the idea as a crazy folktale, if they have heard of it all. In certain areas, however, where many people claim to have had encounters, it has gained some acceptance.

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