Today, Netflix dropped a new trailer for their latest Marvel project, The Punisher. The series follows Frank Castle, a traumatized veteran who came back from Afghanistan only to have his wife and daughter murdered right in front of him when they were caught in the crossfire of a mob fight. Since then, Castle has been on a path of revenge, coming into conflict with Matt Murdock on season two of Netflix’s Daredevil.

Castle, played in this series by Jon Bernthal, has never been the most gracious or clean of Marvel’s many leads. Arguably an anti-hero at best, the Punisher’s murderous approach towards justice has made him many enemies, some of whom seem to be coming back to haunt him in this series as he uncovers a larger government conspiracy surrounding what happened to his family.

The Punisher easily looks to be the darkest Marvel Netflix series to date, stylistically. A majority of the scenes pictured depict a gratuitous amount of gore. This series also seems to be attempting to strike a completely different tone than its predecessors, grounding itself in government conspiracies with no costumes, superpowers, or magical ninjas in sight. That’s probably for the best, given how dubious Netflix’s last two Marvel offerings, Iron Fist and The Defenders, were.

No word yet as to when The Punisher will be released, as Netflix has been actively obscuring the release date in promotional materials for the series. According to the trailer, the show will end up on the streaming service this year. It would be logical to expect an announcement or even a debut at New York Comic Con next month.


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