NBM, which has successfully been in the business of publishing full-length graphic novels for longer than most of the people now reading them, has finally launched the NBM Blog, and it’s pretty nice because it has Ted Rall, Naomi Nowak, Jesse Lonergan, Neil Kleid, and Dirk Schwieger all posting pages from their new projects, which is swell. But it also has Rick Geary talking about HIS new projects and posting PENCILS. RICK GEARY PENCILS. That is on beyond the cool.

I am currently finishing the inked pages for my eleventh graphic novel for NBM, the second in the new series “A Treasury of XXth Century Murder.” It’s the story of the still-unsolved 1922 murder of the Hollywood director William Desmond Taylor, a convoluted case that involved many of the motion picture celebrities of the day. I am posting below those of the penciled pages that depict the discovery of Taylor’s body in the living room of his apartment on Alvarado Street in Los Angeles.

My next volume in the series, now in the research stage, will be the bloody tale of the Axe-Man of New Orleans, who terrorized the city, killing a half-dozen people, in the years 1918 and 1919.

It is a law of physics: Rick Geary + murder = great comics.


  1. Wow… pretty tight pencils for his inks.

    And yeah… it’s a guilty pleasure reading his murder books, but even worse when I have a wish list of future murders I’d like to see!