As amazement over the new, wired Nancy comic strip continues to grow, cartoonist Olivia Jaimes has been the subject of two profiles. And they’ve revealed some amazing stuff.

In an interview at the New York Times, Jaimes reveals that her take on Aunt Fritzi hasn’t been seen yet!

There may be more controversy coming to the strip for fans of Nancy’s aunt. “I was asked by my editors to hold off on using Fritzi for the first four weeks, since the last run ended with her getting married and she’s going to be single again in my run.” Brace yourselves, readers!

This ends speculation that the woman who identified Nancy’s cornbread obsession was Aunt Fritzi, raising even more questions.

In a chat with Wapo Jaimes explans more of Nancy’s technological use:

She had forewarned readers that her version of the strip would bring technological change. Now, she says, “Nancy’s going to use all the social media and technology I use.

“People will be able to figure out exactly how behind the times I am by watching what apps she’s using,” continues Jaimes, who is in her 20s. “It took me until last month to try Spotify, so that should give you an idea of where I’m at.”

Just how big Nancy-mania has gotten is also laid out:

Prior to the change in creator, “Nancy” averaged about 5,000 page views a day, says the Kansas City-based syndicate. Last week, the Jaimes version of “Nancy” attracted 133,000 page views on Wednesday, then spiked to 390,000 views the next day, according to Andrews McMeel.

As for Jaimes’ larger reaction to the fuss, she’s mostly staying off the internet so has missed the hubbub in the comments and elsewhere. But in news that should reassure some, she likes Ernie Bushmiller, as she told the Times.

Ms. Jaimes herself is a big fan of Mr. Bushmiller’s approach. “A lot of my favorite Bushmiller strips have two words total, which seems like an impossible challenge when I’m writing,” she said. “My sense of humor is probably best described as Ernie Bushmiller with more words.”

Forgot about Infinity Wars – what about Aunt Fritzi!!!


  1. Ordered my first Fantagraphics book and am looking forward to reading Bushmiller properly for first time. Sounds like they’d be crazy not for someone to collect and publish this new work by Olivia Jaimes sooner rather than later.

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