Are we giving these folks too much publicity by posting these ongoing covers?

Or is it just fun for everyone?


  1. These Bluewater ‘political’ seem like the “Rock and Roll Comics” of this decade. Real-life stories, and bad ‘realistic’ art.

    Either that or these are the kind of things that Charlton or Dell/Gold Key/Whitman would have published.

  2. I just wanna know who the * FEMALE * FORCE * fights? Who is the leader? Will there possible be a teen versions spin off!? Ohh so many questions…

  3. It’s possible that Bluewater’s “Female Force” series is more successful at reaching people who don’t ordinarily buy comic books than outreach efforts from Marvel and DC have been. If people want to read about the celebrity featured in an issue, they’ll find stores that sell it. Making the issue available through certainly doesn’t hurt.

    Bluewater is already touting an upcoming issue about Oprah Winfrey.


  4. Thanks for the heads up! I collect non-fiction comics, and I’ll add this to the pull list.

    (And chances are pretty good that one of the hosts of the View will show this on TV, if only to tease Ms. Walters about her becoming a comicbook star.)

    Consider this: each FF issue has an EAN/ISBN, making it orderable via B&N, Amazon, Ingram… which means LIBRARIES can order it without delay.

    Bluewater is collecting these comics into trades:
    (Clinton, Palin, Obama, Kennedy)

    The list so far:
    Female Force: Sarah Palin
    Female Force: Michelle Obama
    Female Force: Hillary Clinton
    Female Force: Caroline Kennedy
    Female Force: Princess Diana
    Female Force: Condoleezza Rice
    Female Force: Oprah Winfrey
    Female Force: Merideth [??? 978-1-4276-4038-3 January 2009?]
    Female Force: Barbara Walters
    Female Force: Sarah Palin

    (I would suggest Sandra Day O’Connor.)

  5. Since you asked. I could live without them. I was just asking myself the question: “Why do they post these?” when I read this. So,…there’s my vote!

  6. I guess the criteria to be in “Female Force” is to be rich and powerful.

    When is the Mother Theresa edition coming out?

  7. I’ve been lettering a few of these books and I’ve been quite surprise how good they are, Now this type of thing isn’t my cup of tea, I stick mostly to the super-heroes books but I do like the idea of branching out comics to reach more people. Face it the industry needs to have more fans, and if we can get them to come in because they like these books then more power to them.

  8. if they ever did a bio on someone I’d want to read about, I’d check out their book, but till then, they are amusing. :)

  9. It’s blatantly obvious that The Beat and Publishers Weekly don’t like the folks at Bluewater…just a constant barrage and sneers, snarky comments and less than glowing reviews (which is their right) However, you can’t argue with Bluewater’s success The bottom line is if these books weren’t profitable, they wouldn’t be published. If there was zero audience they wouldn’t publish. Just because they don’t fit someone’s criteria of what a comic book ought to be, doesn’t mean it is any less relevant or valid.

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