Watchmen Comedian
Six big, brash and bold posters for each Watchman were released at six different websites today. IMP Awards rounds ’em up and we steal a few.

111008 Watchmenexclfull
We like how Silk Spectre has almost, but not quite, mastered the “ass and tits facing the same way” pose so beloved of comic book covers. Ironic!


  1. nope it wasnt, he tried to portray them realistic in a realistic setting.
    which is why watchmen wasnt too well received by me.

    the more serious the more ridiculous also applies for watchmen.

  2. I think it’s serious confounded by capital-C cool. Moore never intended the cast to be Cool, he wanted them to be human. Which is why, I imagine, all the slo-matrix kungfoolery in the trailer looks particularly ponderous & out of place. It’s no longer human, it’s Hollywood.

  3. Silk Spectre’s tagline is great too, being used to going out at 3 am and doing something stupid. What could they possibly be implying?? I approve though, cuz she’s a hottie.

  4. I ‘love’ how the man poster focuses all on his face and everything else is background, while her poster practically fades out her face and instead focuses on her T&A. Your eyes in that poster are even led to the damn guy lying on the street than her face.