In their most lucid press release yet, Bluewater announced that First Lady-elect Michelle Obama would be joining Sen. Hillary Clinton and Gov. Sarah Palin as the subject of her very own biographical comic book!

The life of America’s future first lady, Michelle Obama, will be the subject of the latest chapter of Bluewater Productions’ ongoing “Female Force” comic series. The book will follow Obama, a Princeton- and Harvard-educated lawyer, from her youth on the South Side of Chicago to her community, civic service and private-sector career successes through the 2008 presidential campaign and election day. The book is scheduled for release in April 2009.

“Mrs. Obama is a dynamic force and one of the most influential women in the world,” said Bluewater Productions President Darren G. Davis. “Her potential influence on future policy decisions makes her a fascinating figure to feature.”

“In creating an image of our new first lady, Michelle Obama, it was my goal to represent her class, beauty and intelligence,” said artist Vinnie Tartamella. “I hope I reflected these qualities and characteristics in this historical piece. I’m truly honored to have been asked to create this.”


  1. Not to knock the artist but this looks a lot like a fansadox comic. I’m not sure I want to see the first lady in an art style generally reserved for disturbing porn seqa (in fact, I’m quite sure that I don’t).

  2. I’ll say one thing for Bluewater, they have learned from their previous mistakes and there is no American flag, with it’s impossible-to-master design in evidence.

  3. The last time I have laughed like Tony Lee was as I have read a story where a writer got shit in his mailbox from an anti-fan.


  4. Okay… The south portico of the White House is more picturesque than the north. There is a flag on the cover…it flies from the top of the White House, where the sharpshooters patrol.
    There are many good caricature artists available, although many might charge too much for Bluewater.

  5. michael – I laugh at Bluewater once more trying to leap on the IDW bandwagon just those few months too late. But at least this time they’ve picked someone who might be around by the time it comes out.

    Ulrich – thanks for reminding me of a really shit time. No pun intended.

    Glad you enjoyed it so much. Dickhead.

  6. Although the desecration of the American flag is absent this time around- there’s no mistake that the proportion of the White House that is drawn in the background is absolutely horrendous.



  7. I’m scared of her. Not as a woman or a certain ethnicity, but I think she’s got issues that have been kept under wraps so far.

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