§ We are really devastated to learn that the video where James Bond skis on someone’s lunch has been removed because the whole thing pretty much ripped off MGM’s James Bond film and music library mercilessly. Parody or no, it had to go. (Actually in about five minutes we found a mirror on a very, very NSFW site but you’ll have to find it on your own to relive the magic moment when Bond schusses right over some schnitzel.


§ Terry LaBan writes to tell us that his MUKTUK WOLFSBREATH, HARD BOILED SHAMAN is now available as both a print and ebook—both with added content from old issues of CUD. As you may have figured out from the title, MUKTUK is about a Siberian shaman who trudges through permafrost to solve crimes. Yupik Marge Gunderson. It is good.


§ We also missed this new ShiftyLook comic: the ongoing webcomics portal for old Namco Bandai console games has just added SCAR by the Singapore-based art and design house Velvet Engine, written by Edmund Shern with art by Skan Srisuwan. The new webcomic launches on Wednesday and will run every Monday and Thursday thereafter.

“Scar exemplifies exactly what ShiftyLook is all about,” said ShiftyLook Producer & Editor-in- Chief Rob Pereyda. “Not only can we discover new worlds for our characters through webcomics, but we can entirely turn those worlds upside down, which is exactly what we are doing with Edmund and the folks at Velvet Engine on Scar.”

Ah those Singapore comics.

§ Alissa Ross has moved to the position of Publicity Director at Hermes Press. She was formerly a senior graphic designer at the company.

Ross has been heavily involved in the production of all of Hemres’ Dark Shadows titles and was also the lead designer for the company’s classic reprint of Milton Caniff’s Male Call which was named by The Village Voice as one of 2011’s “Best Comics and Graphic Novels” (The Village Voice, Wednesday, December 14, 2011 by R. C. Baker)

“I’ve always loved pop culture, whether it’s graphic novels, comic books, or anime,” Ross explains, “so to be telling the public about Hermes Press’ line of classic comic book and strip reprints, OGNs, and pop culture art books is just a natural for me.”


§ We also did not note that Matt Fraction and David Aja will be announcing a new book at C2E2 at the Saturday, April 14 at the Cup O’ Joe panel, 5:15PM. Although the book is unnamed, the very cool font on the promo piece has us thinking it will be a good looking book. The two previously teamed up on the well-received THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST.

§ Next Media Animation, the company that produces all those AMAING TAIWANESE CARTOON NEWS VIDEOS…is broke and seems kind of mismanaged. Sad. Sad.

Owned by Jimmy Lai — Hong Kong's version of Rupert Murdoch and a vocal critic of Beijing — Next's foray into local TV broadcasting was reportedly hemorrhaging cash, according to the Times. Bear in mind that the company does a lot more than just the Taiwanese animations that bloggers are so fond of. While Lai initially attempted to sell only that division, he was advised to sell the entire firm to get a higher asking price, the Times said.