WAIT, we forgot some links! Dear lord how are we to keep up with all our friends? EVERYONE HAS A BLOG NOW. It’s worse than MySpace.

New additions:
Larry Marder’s Beanworld:

I have been fascinated with the song Heebie Jeebies since 1968, when i first read of it in Milton “Mezz” Mezzrow’s wacky autobiography “Really the Blues.” In it, he described, in fascinating detail, how electrifying it was to the Chicagoland jazz community when they first experienced Louis Armstrong’s scat singing on this seminal recording. “Louis’ scatting almost drove the English language out of the Windy City for good.” wrote Mezz. And he wasn’t kidding.

Rick Spears:

Black Metal will be out Aug 1st but we will have some advance copies in San Diego. I’ll have a table in the Image area but I’ll also be hanging out at the Oni booth where you can snag one of these sweet Black Metal promo picks!!

Rafael Kayanan, our MMA expert commentator, has moved his art blog.


  1. I am on my knees praying that this means that Larry Marder is going to start doing Beanworld comics again! And bring the TPBs back into print. And T-shirts, and cloisonné pins, and and…

    I admit it, I’m a Tales of the Beanworld geek.