P. Craig Russell’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology continues June 16, with Norse Mythology II #1 from Dark Horse.

Joining multiple Eisner Award winner P. Craig Russell on Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology this time around will be artists Matt Horak, Mark Buckingham, Gabriel Walta, and Sandy Jarrell. And sitting alongside the lush covers by Russell himself will be variants by the just as gorgeous David Mack. Colorist Lovern Kindzierski will join the throng on interiors this go-round.

Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology

Speaking about the longboat of visual geniuses joining him on this second journey, P. Craig Russell said:

“It has been an absolute delight working with [them]. Sending the artists the layouts and then seeing their finished pages come rolling back in, each having brought their own unique artistic vision to the page, has been great fun.”

Norse Mythology’s first series ran in 2020, where P. Craig Russell teamed up with a smörgåsbord of skilled comic craftsmen across those six issues. You saw the work of Russell alongside that of Jerry Ordway, Mike Mignola, Jill Thompson, David Rubin, and Piotr Kowalski.

Norse Mythology II will run for six issues, with a third series of six issues expected sometime next year.

This is P. Craig Russell’s latest Gaiman adaptation – he has previously tailored American Gods, Murder Mysteries, and Coraline for pictures, panels and captions.

The prose volume of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology was released in 2017 and became a New York Times Bestseller. The book was longtime mythology devotee and author Gaiman’s chance to reimagine the sweeping stories of the Nordic pantheon for contemporary audiences.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly at the time of the book’s original release he said,

“Mythologies tell us about being human. They are glorious, they are timeless. They need to be retold. It’s like I’m a musician looking at fantastic old folk songs and doing a covers album, trying to get them to sound contemporary using electric guitars. I’m saying, “Here are the stories. I have polished them, and I am now handing them to the world.””

P. Craig Russell was interviewed last year by Stately Beat Manor papa-bear Joe Grunenwald about the first series and it can be enjoyed here.