§ Paul Dini mysteriously blogs:

The thylacine is coming to comics, but not to Detective. More info. on that later.

§ ComicMix is finally up and while thus far it seems to be mostly a blog by Beat pal Elayne Riggs, Glenn Hauman also solves the mystery of why the site was down for so long:

Here’s part of what happened: there was a security hole from one of our vendor’s products that exposed a lot of private company data that would only have gotten worse after launching. So rather than put all that at risk, we waited until we could completely fix the problem. Now that we’re safe and secure, we’re happy to say hi.

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§ Comics Should Be Good! presents the most heartening pictures of the week upon the occasion of the release of SHAZAM: MONSTER SOCIETY OF EVIL. It’s like the ending of FAHRENHEIT 451 or something. Is this the secret that will lead us to our future?

§ Mercury Studio and Mysterious Oracle team up for the caper we like to call: “The Caser of the Stinky Ellipse Templates.”

Finally, we have official corroboration on a phenomena that has vexed my drawing friends and I for a decade. For me this began at Artamus Studios years ago whenever Chuck Wojtkiewicz would break out his set of ellipses and circle templates (which he kindly lent me all the time!) and the room would fill with a cheese smell. We puzzled over this many a day.

The tale of long-buried secrets ends with Lieber giving the brim of his fedora a tug, and delivering the capper as he walks into the mists: “The only remedy for the smell is time.”

§ We don’t know who this Sir Andrew fellow is, and evidently he doesn’t know who we are, either, as he stumbles upon The Beat during a survey of blogs (on various topics) and concludes:

Comics have grown up, and have acquired a much-needed sense of humor, seen here in the ABOUT section of the Beat:

At least somebody noticed!

§ Meanwhile, we don’t know who this Spencer Carnage fellow is either, but he has as blog calledOf Course, Yeah!, and it delivers a pretty funny round up of what it takes to blog, starting with a primer on how to get attention:

We all have our opinions. That’s a known fact proven with science. What we all don’t have are a lot of readers for our blogs. How can you fix that? By polarizing! Nothing beats a review of the newest issue of Amazing Spider-man like a polarizing opinion. To illustrated my point, I’m going to provide two reviews of an imaginary issue of Amazing Spider-man starring Solo, Cardiac, and a new made up villianess Relapse(who has the ability to control the biological processes in other people’s bodies! TM!):

Non-polarizing opinion:

ASM # 632 is a pretty decent read. It gets a little wonky at the end when Solo shows up to help Spiderman fight off Cardiac and Relapse. Fills like it was rushed on the art and all that decompression about Peter Parker’s new role as a PE coach left little time for some onscreen fighting. However, there is one issue left of the arc, so I figure I’m invested this much…..might as well pick it up and see how it ends. Eh.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Here’s how you properly write that review.

Polarizing Opinion:

Dude! WTF?! Solo!? THAT ASSWIPE?!?! Fry all but one of my brain cells and I could still come up with better crap than that! You know what would have made this issue good? If Spider-man quit wasting time moping about life as Peter Parker and started delivering more double whammy webbed up punches to Cardiac’s head and then ran the Spider-Mobile over Relapse just because she had the gall to wear Red, Green, and Purple in public! Give me an issue with Spider-man web-fisted-punching and Spider-Mobile hit-and-running and I will show you camera phone pics of me having sex with it. Are you listening, Marvel?! Can you handle the Spider-Mobile Hit-And-Run action that I’m throwing out here?! God, I hate comics so much sometimes, after reading a comic like this, its just I-…I-…I WANNA QUIT READING COMICS!!!!! YES!!!!! THAT’S IT!!!!! I’M DONE WITH COMICS!!!! IN YOUR FACE, MARVEL!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!

That’s what I call a polarizing opinion. You read that and all you can say is “Oh hell yeah, brother. Spider-mobile Hit-And-Run? I’d buy THAT comic. From now on, your blog is the first blog I read every morning at work!” That or “Dude, this guy is all wack……I better keep reading. And leave a comment. Yeah!” Need I say more?