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Whatever happened to that movie in which Bruce Campbell has to rescue a town beset by demons, and the townspeople believe he can really fight them? Well, screenwriter Mark Verheiden has the release news:

Dates for the theatrical release of “My Name Is Bruce” have finally been announced. Bruce Campbell himself, aka “the man”, will be making personal appearances in multiple cities to launch the greatest film directed by and starring Bruce Campbell released this year! Here’s the official press release, straight from B.C. himself:

My Name is Bruce is hitting theaters October 26th. I’ll be appearing in each of the following cities to introduce the film and answer questions afterward:

10/26 Austin, TX Alamo Drafthouse – Black Curtain screening/premiere with Harry Knowles
10/31-11/2 NYC
11/5 Philadelphia, PA
11/7 Boston, MA
11/9 Hartford, CT
11/12 New Haven, CT
11/14 Baltimore, MD
11/15 Washington D.C.
11/19 Columbus, OH
11/20 Toledo, OH
11/21-23 Detroit, MI
11/28-30 Chicago, IL
12/3 Madison, WI
12/5-7 Minneapolis, MN
12/12 Seattle, WA
12/13-14 Portland, OR
12/15 – Medford, Or
12/17 San Francisco, CA
12/18 Berkeley, CA
12/19-21 Los Angeles, CA

Over at the Splash Page blog, Laura Hudson has more on the Dark Horse comic book tie-in, including a three-page preview and an interview with scripter Milton Freewater.

Freewater says that when he got the call from Dark Horse to write the “My Name Is Bruce” comic, “it was tied to a Bruce Campbell movie, so I couldn’t pass it up… I love Bruce’s work. I’ve followed him since ‘Evil Dead.’ I think he’s been in every movie made since about 1987,” he jokes. “And he was the only good thing about the train-wreck that was ‘Spider-Man 3.’”


  1. So, in a number of cities, Bruce Campbell appears for the premiere of director Bruce Campbell’s film ‘My name is Bruce’, starring Bruce Campbell as Bruce Campbell. Awesome.

    I saw him a couple years back in college and he was talking about working on this or getting it made. Nice to finally see finally released.