Later this month AfterShock Comics will release My Date with Monsters #2. The horror romance series comes from the creative team of writer Paul Tobin, artist Andy MacDonald, colorist DJ Chavis, and letterer Taylor Esposito. Today The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive preview of the latest issue of the series, which follows the aftermath of an attack by a monster from a child’s dream.

Here’s how AfterShock describes My Date with Monsters #2:

What’s one more monster in a world filled with horror? A LOT, really, when it’s as bad as this one! Risa and Croak set off to fight this new terror, even as Risa fights the knowledge that the only true way she can save the world is by falling in love, like…maybe she should go on some of those dates her daughter set up for her? It’s a choice between the creeps and the creepy!

Back when the series was first announced (under its original title, “Croak”), writer Tobin described how he approaches working on My Date with Monsters and how it compares to his other AfterShock series, Bunny Mask:

“My methods aren’t that much different for the two books: I create characters I care for, and then make their lives super dangerous and super weird, either by their own hands or outside forces, and then we all get to see how they deal with the mess. I start out with the base of the overall story, and then slowly expand things, adding plot and character moments. I try to make sure the two aspects (plot and character) never over-balance the other. You need plot or else there’s literally no story, but you gotta have people you care about—one way or another—or else there’s no REASON for the story.”

Check out the exclusive four-page preview of My Date with Monsters #2 below. The issue arrives in stores and digitally on Wednesday, December 15th.