If he finished this, it would be on every college syllabus. Will no smart publisher step up?


  1. I think as a personal analytical experiment by Bertozzi, it’s great. But as a real work of graphic literature ready to be added to every college syllabus, I have the same objection to this that I do with most other adaptations of prose novels: they can’t help but be a thin “Classics Illustrated” version of the original while adding little in return. The density of information conveyed is too different, particularly in turn-of-the-century (or earlier) novels in which the richness of the prose is part of the reading experience. Sometimes a picture’s worth a thousand words and sometimes it’s not. A student who read this instead of the original would miss a lot, including the author’s fundamental tool: her use of language to paint the pictures she wants you to see, not Bertozzi.

    Comics do a lot of things well, and a few things no other medium can. I don’t think this is one of them.