Although this looks like one of those simple new media tech acquisition announcements, we hear quite a few people were interested in the Bomb- xx system, and the examples we’ve seen of it at work have all been quite well done. At the very least, it’s more sign of the coming iPod/YouTube/cartoon alliance apocalypse. You can hear me now and believe me later.

MTV Networks Music Group, a unit of Viacom’s MTV Networks, today announced an exclusive deal with Gain Ltd, creators of the proprietary system Bomb- xx that develops extremely engaging audio-visual experiences, to develop new media versions of comic books, graphic novels and children’s books. Each experience will be customized across multiple media screens, including computers, portable video players, portable and console gaming devices, and mobile phones. Gain Ltd was co-founded by Jeff Shuter and Daniel Viney.

“Some of the best characters and stories come from comics and graphic novels, but until now distribution channels have been very limited,” said David Gale, Executive Vice President, New Media for MTV Networks. “Gain combines the original format of comic books, graphic novels and children’s books with the emotional excitement of a great movie that fans can see on-the-go or on-demand, but always in high-quality.”

MTV Networks Music Group’s vast array of television and digital platforms will allow for extensive distribution of Gain’s unique content, beginning with MTV. Various projects will bring together comic book publishers, creators and distributors to create and market existing and original content produced to maximize distribution and build a broader fan

base from the traditional niche market for comics and graphic novels. In addition

forthcoming projects will be distributed across other new media formats outside of the MTV Networks’ brands.

“Comic books historically have ignited people’s imagination and intuition to piece together and decode the story as it unfolds on each page,” said Daniel Viney, co-founder, producer and creator, Gain Enterprises. “Our mission has always been to curate new proprietary formats that enhance the user experience and spur even more intrigue in the story.”

“What’s unique to our product is that each experience is highly music- based with animation that is much like choreography to a dance,” added Jeff Shuter, co-founder, producer and creator, Gain Enterprises. “Every moment and beat is highly charged to keep fans engaged in the storyline. The goal is to transcend the conventional comic book experience and we are excited to work with MTV Networks to continue forming connections between the traditional comic book and new media worlds for the benefit of audiences everywhere.”

Gain founders, Viney and Shuter, made their mark with their Bomb- xx adaptations of comics for major movie studios, including Fox Atomic’s first film “Turistas” and the recent “28 Weeks Later,” as well as Lions Gate’s “Saw 2.” Gain also created original works for the Weinstein Company’s movies “Arthur and the Invisibles” and “The Protector,” and an adaptation of Marvel Comics’ “Ultimate Spiderman.”

Gain Enterprises was co-founded by Jeff Shuter and Daniel Viney with the mission to develop hybrid forms of content and entertainment for the new media space. Both Shuter and Viney serve as lead producers and creators.


  1. I’ve seen their work floating around the industry – and was very impressed. Glad it’s going to be out there in a major way