deadpoolWith WOLVERINE marking yet another succe$$ful comic book-style film, more mutant cinema is on the way. What a surprise! It seems that a Deadpool spin-off is being prepped for Ryan Reynolds, much to the excitement of Rob Liefeld’s Twitter stream (Liefeld co-created the character). According to Variety, there’s lots more where that came from, :
¶ A WOLVERINE sequel with a Japanese storyline.
¶ Magneto, the story of a young villain
¶ X-Men: First Class, the New Mutants movie.

And what about…A Lobo movie? Latino Review speculates.

AND the New York Observer looks at comic book movie credit sequences that were better than the films themselves.


  1. first class, the new mutants movie – is that simply the X-Men as youngsters, or are they talking about Cannonball and Karma, etc.?



  2. 1. Yellow Fever is an actual disease.

    2. I don’t quite see how that headline would apply to the entire post since it’s just the Wolverine film which is considering an Asia-based storyline.

    3. People need to relax, already. Try not being offended for a change. Most people don’t even know why Asians are called “yellow”, and there’s no reason the term itself should be considered racist or offensive unless it’s a loaded word and nobody knows it.

    4. Good article in the Village Voice. Thanks.

  3. 2. apparently it wasn’t a headline but a comment in parentheses. I apologize for the error in my comment. In addition, I thought he always had a thing for red-heads, actually. Good idea to remove the comment, as it didn’t really add anything to the post.

  4. A lobo movie might actually be better than the Punisher movies. I know, that’s not a hard thing, but, at least the twist would be the dark humor to the ‘bad guy’ lobo character, something that ‘good guy’ Punisher lacks.

  5. For a second there I was suckered by the promise of a Deadpool spinoff, but then I watched the Reynolds interview spinoff with him briefly and eloquently missing the point of the character.