We’ve got to admit, the new IRON MAN trailer is…amazing. We even liked the Ozzy music. As brief as it may be, the trailer reminds us that Robert Downey Jr. is an incredible actor — he brings Tony Stark to life and that’s what makes the guy in the metal suit even cooler. Meanwhile, MoviesOnline.ca has a bunch of stills up from the trailer.

In other movie news, WatchmenComicMovie.com has all things WATCHMEN up, including a series of photos from outside the Vancouiver set that show what’s happening on the streets of Vancouver outside a movie studio.

Meanwhile-meanwhileUGO has a review of Alex Tse’s WATCHMEN script :

Tse dealt with all of these dilemmas and more. In the undated draft of the script that I read (122 pages long) Tse starts things off by showing us the murder of The Comedian, one of the few masked vigilantes left working for America after a bill made their kind of work illegal fifteen years earlier. By and large the draft that I read (and I have no clue if it’s the shooting copy or not) is faithful to Moore’s work but with changes to make the film more accessible to an audience not familiar with alternate worlds and the pre-existing comic book.


  1. After seeing 300, I have a good feeling about The Watchmen. As far as Iron Man goes, I have not seen the trailer, but all of my students (most whom have not ever picked up a comic book) are all a buzz about it.

  2. Hurm… Watchmen might be marred by a Hollywood ending. This was also a criticism of The Incredibles. Is it possible to make a superhero movie which avoids the CRASH BOOM adventure movie stereotype? Or perhaps transcends it?
    A retailer at the Diamond Summit thought that people wouldn’t know who Iron Man was. I pointed out that the whole origin was in the trailer. (There’s also the TV cartoon.)
    and here’s an epiphany… if Dr Manhattan knew about JFK’s upcoming assassination, he probably knows who did it. IF it was Nixon, how does that affect his humanity?

  3. I’ve heard people like that retailer with the “no one knows who Iron Man is” line before, suggesting that audiences won’t go to it because he’s relatively unknown. To me that’s like saying no one would see Raiders of the Lost Ark because “no one knows who this Indiana Jones is”. I mean, it’s such a strong concept that people will get it just by seeing the ads. A guy in an awesome-cool battle suit that flies? He’s a cocky billionaire who now needs the suit to survive? What more is there to get?

  4. I believe that copy of the Watchmen script being reviewed is an older draft. Latest draft, according to Snyder in an interview (maybe on CHUD or AICN), is set in 1985 and includes the tale of the black freighter, which may be part of the DVD as an extra (and, this should make Heidi happy, Gerald Butler is supposed to be the lead in the black freighter bits). Not that any of that is even remotely important, but the script may have undergone some even more radical changes since the draft they review.

  5. Tse’s script is supposedly a rewrite of the David Hayter script, which was the version that previously attached director Paul Greenglass was using.

    WGA rules will probably mean that they will share credit.

  6. Thanks to a) the acting skills of Robert Downey Jr and b) awesome CGI and c) what looks like a great telling of the origin story will make people know who Iron Man is. I’m not afraid of this movie doing really well.

    This movie looks fantastic and I am super excited for it.