ConstantinepredDistrubia’s Shia LaBeouf is the hottest guy in showbiz this week, with a #1 movie and and upcoming co-starring role in INDY 4. And as befits every hot star, he also has his dream comics role in mind:

…does he have enough clout to survive as the last dude on the planet?

An adaptation Brian K. Vaughan’s Vertigo comic Y: THE LAST MAN has struggled a bit on the path to theaters, but it might get a boost of LaBeouf. JoBlo reader Jean-Michel C. (merci, mon ami!) informs us that while promoting DISTURBIA in France, Shia expressed substantial interest in playing the lead role in the Y film, proclaiming the series one of the best comics around.

Meanwhile, Eric Roberts and William Fichtner have joined the cast of the new Batman movie, giving the film a monopoly in the “craggy character actor” category. Filming is underway in Chicago, and Superhero Hype has the fullest coverage as always.


Speaking of Batman, Steve Bunche has a still of Conrad Veidt from the 1928 silent film THE MAN WHO LAUGHS, believed to be the visual inspiration for the Joker. Judge for yourself.


  1. I’ll agree here and state the obvious: That’s exactly how they should make the Joker in the next flick (and in the comics, where he’s a little less realistic in most cases).

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