Paul Morrissey BoomAnother Boom! release so soon! And this one is a little cute, but we were happy to hear that at least one laid-off Tokyopop editor, Paul Morrissey (left), has found gainful employment at Boom! where he’ll be working on a new line of…something. Click for a larger version of the image below:


  1. Dude, don’t tease with headlines like “Morrissey joins Boom,” I nearly fainted thinking about a comic book version of “Girlfriend in a Coma”.

  2. I wear my Smiths t-shirt to work about once a week and have an upcoming Zombie Tales story that was, until the last second, called “Girlfriend in a Coma.” Does that make it up to you, Evie?

    Ian Brill
    BOOM! Studios

  3. Ian: I can totally dig that! The only other disappointment is that I write for Billboard (on both the comics and Morrissey beats this year, such as they are), so I would have been *all over* that.

    As for an actual comic book written by Morrissey, I think it might not actually be that good–unless he could read it to me aloud.

  4. I should probably say, I don’t at all mean to ignore congratulations for Paul Morrissey, it is much better news for comics fans that he is the one now working with Boom–I just get a little one-track-minded when the other Morrissey comes up :).

  5. The properties are “pretty much loved by everyone on the planet” can only mean one thing- The A Team!

    Actually, maybe Boom also got the rights to do a comic series based on The Phantom- every comics publisher will now be FORCED to do one.

  6. I was thinking “Phantom” too. Seems alot of people working for a company that doesn’t have much out there. I wonder if they’re buying the Charlton characters DC’s killing off…