Happy Holiday, y’all. Hope you get to see some wizard fireworks!


Comic Captain America 100-1

2076 5468 8-1

Captain America -1


Bush Crying Medal Of Honor

Cap Yaaaa Web


  1. Or maybe a panel from the Death of Cap, showing our nation’s hero murdered and dying. Again, great move Marvel!
    The parents of America’s kids all thank you on this day.

  2. Oh, I missed the nice visual commentary up there.
    Good job.
    All that’s missing is the undignified death panel.

    So here we are – For the first July 4th in 66 years, kids in America have no national superhero.

    From Cap’s Wikipedia entry: “Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941) — on sale in December 1940, a year before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and already showing Cap socking Hitler in the jaw — sold nearly one million copies.”

  3. On this day, perhaps we should all read Lawrence and Jewett’s “The Myth Of The American Superhero”. Of course, the problem of being the stranger who comes to town to restore paradise is that sometimes you get killed. But then God pops out of the macine, the hero returns, and everyone gets a happy ending.
    hmmm. Are there any “Heidi” type heroes in comics? Was George Washington a terrorist or a freedom fighter? And was his attack on Trenton during Christmas brilliant strategy, or sacreligious? Maybe I should read their book on Captain American instead…

  4. Yeah I heard a bunch of 4th graders immolated themselves yesterday to protest the death of cap.
    Nah, I’m just kidding. No one under thirty gives a tin shit about Cap, Marvel or super hero comics in general.

  5. Kris: “No one under thirty gives a tin shit about Cap, Marvel or super hero comics in general.”

    Tell it to my 6 year-old son, Kris.
    Tell it to friend Greg’s 9-year old son Ian, who was genuinely distressed at the CBS story on Cap’s death.

    We do have a smattering of kids who actually still care about comics and their heroes. But not for long, if Quesada and Bendis continue to have their way.

  6. When I was 9 the X-men all died. I was pretty emotional. It hurt. But guess what? They came back. Tell little Ian that Cap will be back one way or another. It’s a story. Sometimes in stories, much like in life, people die.
    If you want to shelter your kids from these kinds of realities you should probably just keep them clear of all popular culture. Especially comics. People die a lot in comics.
    As a parent I do thank Marvel for not stifiling the creative process of it’s writers. That is part of what makes America great. Our talented artisits are not compelled to use their talents to promote the state.

  7. A-Rod, we all know the grim and nihillistic tone of today’s comics is nothing like the tone of say, X-Men #113 (I assume that’s what you are referring to) or even 10 years ago.
    Quesada & comapny are marketing to the 20 and 30-something lifetime readers at the total expense of cultivating a younger readership.
    So where are the future readers going to come from?

    Stan & Jack knew what they were doing; creating fun CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINMENT that adults could also enjoy.

    I find that most of the apologists for this vile crap Marvel keeps turning out tend to be childless themselves. Not always, but certainly the majority of the time. Anybody want to explain Morlun ripping out Spidey’s EYE and EATING IT to a 7 year old??
    Realizing that I could not read AMAZING SPIDER-MAN with my 7 year old, as my Dad did with me, was a real kick in the crotch for parenthood.

    Quesada and his bunch are f**king poor stewards of what was once a house of ideas.
    Now it may as well be a crack house.