logo-pod-more-to-come-1400.pngRecorded at Publishers Weekly, it’s More To Come, the weekly podcast of comics news, interviews and discussion with Calvin Reid, Kate Fitzsimons and The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald.

In this week’s podcast the More to Come Crew – Heidi MacDonald, Calvin Reid and Kate Fitzsimons – discuss Marvel’s elusive $5 trade paperbacks at Walmart, DC and Marvel’s growing pains as they attempt to attract women, Milo Manara‘s controversial cover for Spider-Woman #1, more comics publishers go DRM-free and much more on PW Comics World’s More To Come.

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  1. So the only way to have a graphic novel be accessible to ‘Americans’ at $5.00 is if we sell out local US companies, and only enable Chinese / Indian consume-goods outlets like Target and Wallmart??? Yeah, and the USA still ‘exists’… -as long as we all are consumers that pretend to be ‘American’. Traffic, out-source jobs, devalue the dollar, raise the price of gas, and nothing exists to enhance or perpetuate participation in democracy, and more traffic -this is what we need to establish in order to have a graphic novel be priced for Americans at $5.00.

  2. Hey “True Beleivers”:
    Used book stores, and online retailers have very CHEAP deals for you to bypass the b.s. that is used to over-price comic books, and graphic novels.

    Please pass this information on.

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