Peter Kuper, Kevin Huizenga, Kate Beaton and Al Columbia have joined the guest list at SPX. They join Gahan Wilson, Paul Karasik, Carol Tyler, Josh Neufeld, John Porcellino, Willy Linthout Jerry Moriarity, R. Sikoryak and Joshua Cotter, so, all in all, it’s gonna be pretty cool.

Peter Kuper is a contributor to Time, Newsweek, The New York Times and many other publications as an illustrator. He is the co-founder of the long running World War 3 Illustrated  as well as being the main artist on Mad’s long running series Spy vs. Spy. Peter’s latest creation is Diario de Oaxaca: A Sketchbook Journal of Two Years In Mexico published by PM Press. Diario is a combination of comics, sketches, photography and a journal of the time he and his family lived in Oaxaca, Mexico during a time of political turmoil there. This work comes on the heels of his critically acclaimed semi-autobiographical Stop Forgetting To Remember-The Autobiography of Walter Kurtz released in 2007 by Crown Publishers. Peter will only be at SPX on Saturday, September 26 in the afternoon.

Kevin Huizenga has just released the latest stories of the philosophical sage Glen Ganges, with #3 published recently by Fantagraphics. Kevin twice made Time Magazines Top Ten Comics and is a weekly contributor to the irreverent and always humorous Amazing Facts and Beyond with Leon Beyond. Visit Kevin at his blog The Balloonist at

Kate Beaton  is the winner of the 2009 Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent. Her History Comics  takes an irreverent and comical view of history and historical figures, this leading to coverage in Wired Magazine, Bitch and Macleans. Kate is responsible for the all of the banners on the SPX site, for which SPX has received rave reviews. Kate’s work can be viewed at her web site

Al Columbia is the creator behind the just released PIm & Francie: The Golden Bear Days from Fantagraphics, which is a collection of excavations, comic strips, animation stills, storybook covers, and other output over the years. Al started as an assistant to Bill Sienkiewicz, then moved on to create the Biologic Show.  


  1. Al Columbia!? Wow! Will he actually show? (I have no clue, I’ve never seen him at a show.) Man, I’m not planning on going this year, but this REALLY makes me want to go! Darn it!