By Todd Allen

The Image Expo grown into a roughly the sort of Friday crowd I’m expect to see at a Chicago Show, relative to the size.  Two or three big lines and milling about for everyone else.  Yes, Friday is always the best day for mingling at a show.  A few more photos:

Big line for Image Founders

Brian K. Vaughan didn’t get Lost on his way to the show.

Charles was wondering if you’d be interested in a grab bag of autographed comics?  Who are these Gaiman and Miller people of which he speaks?

iVerse would like to remind you this is a DIGITAL photo.

‘Rasslin’ comics.  Heidi will explain who Jerry Lawler is later.

Kirby Museum

Art and marketer — separated at birth?

‘Lil Depressed Cartoonist

Something to Chew on


  1. “Heidi will explain who Jerry Lawler is later.”

    You probably just offended the entire population of Memphis, Tennessee by implying that there are people on this planet who don’t already know who Jerry Lawler is. ;p