Brigid Alverson talks to the new Girlamatic editor Diana McQueen< about the return of the girl-friendly webcomics site, with a new, free model, and lots of new and returning content.

But rumors of Girlamatic’s death were exaggerated, says editor-in-chief Diana McQueen. The comics have been updating regularly, and the entire site will get a facelift when it relaunches on July 31 with new content and a new business model: Subscription fees will be dropped, and bloggers and new creators will join the existing lineup.

[snip] She also holds out the possibility of a print edition. “I have a personal fantasy of being Shojo Beat, only without the epic failure at the end,” McQueen says. “We have the content now where we can design a really interesting, possibly quarterly, book, like Shojo Beat, where it has one chapter from each story and every time you buy it it accumulates, which we think is an interesting model for people who just want a flavor of everything. That would be subscription based. It’s a ways in the future. We are going to see how the launch goes and get our numbers back up, and then we are going to branch out. But I see print in our future.”

Much more on the webcomics economy in the piece.