Yoshito Usui Shin-chan
While Japan mourns the creator of Shin-chan, Yoshito Usui, some rather heartbreaking details are emerging about his death on September 11th. Usui-sensei fell to his death while out hiking, and there’s a cautionary tale for all:
A Futabasha official said the last picture on the broken digital camera found near Usui’s body was one peering down a steep cliff.

“As he was full of curiosity, we think he fell off at the moment he took the picture,” the official told reporters.


  1. Wow, I don’t know what else to say but “Fuck!” I don’t wish an end like this for anyone, but especially for a guy who was out to brighten people’s days with his comics.

  2. DAMN, Man We Already Lost Michael Jackson, Now This, Come On, Yoshito Usui Is The Japanese Stan Lee Of The Shin-Chan Comical Cartoon I Love To Watch, It’s So Sad When Somebody Makes A Crazy-Ass Cartoon About A 5-Year-Old Who Would Show Off His Shiny Red Monkey-Butt, So I Say Is R.I.P. Yoshito And God Bless Your Family And Friends…. Battman D.E. GannaBanna.