Deb Aoki has more on DMP’s reductions in staff and output, as more info filters out on the web. Five people have been let go, and publishing volume is being cut from 12 to 7 titles a month.

“The seven titles per month is a mixture of new and existing scheduled titles. In essence, to make room for titles that are more in demand, some titles got pushed into 2010. So each month, there is a mixture of new June, one 801 Media title (per usual), continuing series from June, DMP, and usually one or two novels per month. It’s a little more diverse that way — and because of the current market at the moment, we want to push the titles that the fans have really been asking us for.”

One of these fan-favorite series is Flower of Life, so fans will be happy to hear that the long-awaited Volume 4 of Fumi Yoshinaga’s hilarious high school manga series is scheduled for release in May 2009.

In addition, the yaoi-themed 801 line is being folded into the also-boys love-themed June line. Incorrect — see comments.


  1. 801 is not being folded into June; see end of article:

    “She continued, ‘801 Media is also not being absorbed into June. It will continue to remain its own entity, and will continue with the scheduled one book a month.'”