It turns out Peter Kuper isn’t the only cartoonist to have artwork adorning a prophylactic package. There’s also Coop, and Peter Bagge’s Buddy Bradley Hate Condoms, as well as Ron English and Trevor Brown.

To be honest, we don’t know how we’d feel if someone whipped one of these out of their wallet. Perhaps they are best left lying around on the coffee table in your swingin’ bachelor pad as a sign of good taste.


  1. Seeing Buddy Bradley’s big nose on that package reminds me of that old joke that my gay high school music teacher told me: What’s worse than walking into a wall with a erection…

    ..breaking your nose instead..

    Drum rolls are not necessary.



  2. So you *would* be okay if your date whipped a condom out of his wallet as long as it didn’t have a cartoon on it?

    I just wanna know, that’s all.