ICv2 has the lowdown on another comics shop reality show, this one set in Midtown Comics:

On Friday, July 13th at 8 pm (ET, PT) the National Geographic cable channel will present Comic Store Heroes, a one-hour reality show set in New York’s Midtown Comics.  The documentary-style show will follow the lives of staffers Gerry, Thor, and Alex as they deal with all sorts of geek and enthusiast customers while simultaneously planning their booth at the New York Comic Con.

We’ve always wanted to see a documentary about Thor Parker, so cross that one off the bucket list.

More seriously, this should be a very interesting contrast to Comic Book Men. And of course it airs during Comic-Con when the news is sure to be filled with those words. Set the DVRs!


  1. It would be nice if this show is actually about something. Comic Book Men seemed to mostly be about the self-described Geeks mugging for the camera and telling jokes, but it was pretty light on content. The stuff people would bring into the store to sell was seldom very interesting. The Sy-Fy Channel show Hollywood Treasures is much more interesting (and much better produced) as we actually see rarities and meet interesting people. On Comic Book Men they seem afraid of being upstaged all the time. On Hollywood Treasures the people finding things are there but they are clearly second to what they find. Examples are original production drawings from the 1933 King Kong, but the best ever was the complete original art (every page) from Fantastic Four #12 by Jack Kirby where they brought in Stan Lee to comment on the margin notes on the art. I’m afraid that if Kevin Smith ever had Stan Lee on he’d try to one-up him instead of standing aside and letting him talk. Not a big fan of Comic Book Men as the show ultimately seems to have no purpose. When the highlight of the first season was going to a garage sale to score some 1960s DC comics, then they clearly are not being very ambitious, or imaginative.

  2. good luck finding a hotel that carries Nat. Geo channel in San Diego!!

    Hopefully there will be a screening at the con.

  3. It’s another pawn stars clone, Pass. I’m still waiting for my project runway for cartoonists/illustrators, that shows the gen public WHY WE LOVE READING and/or MAKING COMICS! Its not to collect them and gawk at monetary values. Somebody make Top Cartoonist already!

  4. Huh? “Comic Book Heroes” looks just like “Comic Book Men” ..up to and including the use of the term “Holy Grail”..like 7 times in the clip and over 30 times on “Comic Book Men”..and “Hot Stuff” #1 for real?..really? huh? look on eBay top price 400.00 bucks…. I know everyone hates Kevin Smith but at least he actually writes “Comic Books” that are Good to read…and Comic Book Men is on AMC right after the Walking Dead, also is it true that “MidTown Comics” did a segment on the “Comic Book Men” show that did not air? some one at one of the con’s mentioned that to us, what a bunch of “Rat Bastard’s”. I bet they even have their own “Rob Bruce” can you say “Copy Cats”

  5. I had my doubts about Comic Book Men but after seeing these guys interact I knew they were not posing for the camera. Then I listened to their Podcast Tell’em Steve-Dave and MAN these guys are for real. Walt loves comics but is sick of uppity fan boys, Mike LOVES comics and loves fanboys, Ming is into anything and says stuff that gets him in hot water all the time, and Bryan doesn’t care about comics but spends most of his time at the Stash, LOVES his friends (Walt, Ming, Mike, Kevin and Q from impractical Jokers) and has written two comic Series called Karney and War of the Undead. You can hear these guys fight, call each other out, and even apologize to each other when they know they are wrong, but always end up leaving ready to do it again in a week. They have known each other for no less than 15 years and some of them 30+ years (Walt, Kev, Bry). The series is awesome because the moments are genuine. The sense of humor is exactly what they do on the podcast except with a lot more cussing. I ended up loving Comic Book Men.
    This show looks exactly like a copy and even the Comic Book Men say “Yes we know the guys and the Thor guy is funny” but it plans on being less between guys that have known each other their whole life and more about how comics changed peoples lives. Ill take funny, but may end up liking this one too. And come on
    Oh yea and I hear they had a “Nerd Off” and Walt and Mike wiped the floor with them.