In a Tweet sent on Thursday, December 8th, 2021, the official Marvel Entertainment Twitter account teased a return to the panels of Marvel Comics for Captain Peggy Carter in a new solo title for the First Avenger*! Now, we know more about the five-issue Captain Carter, from a creative time that includes Jamie McKelvie (Young Avengers) and Marika Cresta (Doctor Aphra)!

*(Depending on your timeline; First Avenger may vary.)

Peggy Carter Returns

According to the press release from Marvel, the first issue of the five-issue Captain Carter comic will feature a main cover by McKelvie, as well as a design variant by McKelvie, and will arrive at your local comic shop on March 9th, 2022.

The new series is edited by Alanna Smith and will feature Captain Carter as a woman-out-of-time, plucked out of World War II and forced to find her way in a more modern setting.

“I’m as big a fan of the Captain Carter we’ve seen onscreen as anybody, so I jumped at the chance to create our own version,” McKelvie said in a quote included with the PR.

Captain Carter 101

Marvel Puzzle Quest cover by Amanda Clarke.

Captain Carter is an alternate timeline version of the First Avenger, having received the Super-Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers in her chronology.

Marvel Puzzle Quest.

She was first introduced as a character in Marvel Puzzle Quest in 2016, in an event that celebrated Captain America’s 75th Anniversary.

Peggy Carter: Captain America’s first appearance!

However, she soon crossed over into the panels of Marvel Comics, appearing in Exiles (2018) #3 by Saladin Ahmed, Javier Rodríguez, Álvaro López, Chris O’Halloran, and Joe Caramagna, with a cover by David Justin Ponsor.

From Exiles (2018) #8 by Ahmed, Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera, Jordan Gibson, Chris Sotomayor, Muntsa Vicente, and Caramagna.

She went on to make several more appearances over the course of that 12-issue series.

Becky & Valkyrie in Exiles #8.

And we were also introduced to her version of Bucky, “Becky,” who soon became embroiled in a romantic entanglement with the Valkyrie of the 2018 Exiles run (who herself bears a striking resemblance to the interpretation of the character delivered by Tessa Thompson in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok).

Carter and Liliane versus fascist scum in Women of Marvel (2021) #1.

And earlier this year, in Women of Marvel (2021) #1, Carter returned in a story called “Operation Spyglass” by Elsa Sjunneson, Naomi Franquiz, Brittany Peer, and Ariana Maher. In that story, we were introduced to another ally for Carter, Liliane.

Then, a version of the character appeared on-screen in the first season of the Disney+ animated series, What If…? , where she was voiced by Hayley Atwell… and with a second season of the show on the way, it seems inevitable that we’ll be seeing more Captain Carter on-screen, as well.

More Captain Carter En Route

Exiles #8.

Did you get a chance to follow Captain Carter’s adventures in Exiles? Will you be picking up her solo title when it arrives in March 2022?

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