“Best of” lists are coming at us thick and fast! Catch ’em all! And then complain!

Whitney Matheson has her best of the year list, and we guarantee it is unlike any other list you’ll see.

• Whitney is also doing her mind-boggling 100 most inetresting people of the year feature which includes Lilli Carré right next to Beth Ditto and Eric Stonestreet.

69. Lilli Carre. The artist continued making must-see work with Nine Ways to Disappear, a fantastic collection of graphic short stories. It’s strange how my copies of this title keep disappearing when friends come to visit — I wonder if Lilli has anything to do with that?


• Complex has The 50 Best Comic Book Covers of 2009, which is visually excellent but omits manga and indies, while including UDON and Judge Dredd. Hm…okay.

Graeme McMillan lists 10 Of The Decade’s Best SF Comics at io9.

• Marissa Meli has Girl Geek’s Top 8 Comics & Graphic Novels of 2009.

• Splash Page presents their best of the year.


  1. The Complex list had a couple of good ones….but the rest were AWFUL!!!! Bleah!!! :(

    If that’s the kind of crap Leong was putting out in Comic Foundry Mag, I’m glad it’s gone!! O.O