Bully continues its excellent BEA coverage:

Luckily it was cooler than yesterday…still hot, but a relief after the balmy tropical weather of Friday. How can I tell? The tarps lining the ceiling of the Javits Center at irregular intervals were fluttering weakly. Have you stopped at BEA, craned your neck upwards, and wondered what those tarps were for? Well, take a look at the corners of BEA aisles—look for empty booth spaces occupied by big plastic barrels. Now look upwards again and note that hoses connect those tarps up there and the barrels down here. Yes, folks, the Javits Center ceiling leaks and this elaborate makeshift solution drips the lovely, far-from-crystal Manhattan rainwater right down into those big tubs adjoining your booth. Because that’s the way we do things in New York, baby!

We had a busy day yesterday…no real news, just observations, but those will have to wait until the continuing deadline crisis is averted.