Marcela Valdes has a good piece in WaPo’s Book Notes section nicely tying together LOST GIRLS and the Gordon Lee case:

Alan Moore better be careful. The long-haired comix genius from England — whose V for Vendetta was recently turned into a movie and whose Watchmen series Time magazine called one of the greatest novels of the 20th-century — is about to release his most provocative book. Called Lost Girls, it’s produced with the American cartoonist Melinda Gebbie, and it contains explicit depictions of Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz engaging together in sex.

Comic book sellers may be reluctant to touch it once they consider the ongoing case of Georgia v. Gordon Lee , which revolves around a much tamer volume published by Alternative Comics.


  1. this is orange and apples –
    the Gordon Lee case is because a child got a FCBD comic with a naked man pictured in it –
    Not many retailers are going to give a child a free $75 slipcased hardcover –

    there may or may not be other risks, but not that one.