2065 2 32Moon Knight, the superhero with more secret identities than ties created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, is being developed for a TV series. The pr refers to him as a “cult favorite,” but execs assured everyone the TV show would be “compelling and long-lasting.” Plus, with the success o HEROES, it seems superheroes on TV are still going strong.

Marvel Studios, a division of Marvel Entertainment, Inc. and Vancouver based production company, No Equal Entertainment, have entered into an agreement to develop a live-action television series based on Marvel’s cult favorite Moon Knight. The announcement was made today by David Maisel of Marvel Entertainment and Larry Sugar of No Equal Entertainment.

First introduced by Marvel Comics in the mid-1970s, Moon Knight remains a true fan favorite as evidenced by the current best-selling comic book series featuring the Super Hero. Moon Knight presents the story of soldier of fortune Marc Spector. After an encounter with the Egyptian god of vengeance and the moon deity Konshu, he became a hero: Moon Knight. The encounter leaves the tormented Spector with even more inner demons to combat. Now as Moon Knight, he hunts criminals in the night, bringing them to justice, and striking fear in the hearts of criminals everywhere. Moon Knight’s blend of action, the supernatural, and complex, intriguing characters will serve as the foundation for the live-action series.

“Moon Knight has all the elements for an engaging television series. No Equal Entertainment has a real passion for the project and an amazing vision of how to bring the character and storyline to life that will appeal to action and sci-fi enthusiasts,â€? said Mr. Maisel.

The production will be spearheaded by No Equal Entertainment’s Sugar. Sugar brings to the project over 35 years experience as a Hollywood executive and producer. His track record includes a wide array of global television series, including: “The Collector,â€? “Romeo,â€? “First Wave,â€? “Dead Man’s Gun,â€? and “So Weird.â€?

Mr. Sugar added, “We are delighted to be in business with Marvel Entertainment and believe that Moon Knight will make a compelling and long-lasting television series.â€?


  1. While I have always loved Moon Knight (mostly because of Bill Sienkevitchs artwork) I have no doubt in my mind that they would have to modify his costume to make sense in the real world. I never really figured out if he was wearing white or black tights with his white cape and hood.

  2. I do wonder if Doug Moench has some compromising photos somewhere since his creations seem to be reap the testing-the-waters benefits quite a bit.

    Ok, just Blade and Moon Knight so far.

    But pretty interesting coincidence all the same, no? Mayhap if Iron Fist does well, Shang-Chi will be next….

  3. “I do wonder if Doug Moench has some compromising photos somewhere since his creations seem to be reap the testing-the-waters benefits quite a bit. Ok, just Blade and Moon Knight so far.”

    Doug Moench may have written some stories with Blade, but it wasn’t his creation, was it? Wolfman and Colan, right?

    As for the “eventual download to iTunes” headline: Aww, why so cynical? I mean, you’re probably right, but, hey, why be a hater? ;-)

  4. Oh right. Whoops.

    I don’t know why I would confuse those guys. I now slink off in shame and burn my FOOM! card since I clearly do not deserve it.

  5. I bet the Moon Knight series winds up looking like Night Man – that other Canadian produced super-hero sensation.

    I said this years ago – UPN – in its’ glory days of trying to be a BET Prime Time channel should have developed a Luke Cage: Hero For Hire television series. And maybe, just maybe the network wouldn’t have gone down the crapper like it did.

    But nobody listened to me then. Now that I’m tight working for Fox – maybe people will take me seriously now