If you were thinking Monstress is winning a lot of awards, you’re right.  And another one to the list: Monstress V. 2: The Blood won Best Graphic Story at the Hugo Awards over the weekend.  Sana Takeda also won the Best Professional Artist Award.  Figure Monstress and its creators also won Eisners for Best Continuing Series, Best Publication for Teens, Best Writer, Best Painter/Multimedia Artist and Best Cover Artist… Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda are having a pretty good year.

Wonder Woman won Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form, too.

The 2018 Hugo Winners were:

Best Novel

  • The Stone Sky, by N.K. Jemisin (Orbit)

Best Novella

  • All Systems Red, by Martha Wells (Tor.com Publishing)

Best Novelette

  • “The Secret Life of Bots,” by Suzanne Palmer (Clarkesworld, September 2017)

Best Short Story

  • “Welcome to your Authentic Indian Experience™,” by Rebecca Roanhorse (Apex, August 2017)

Best Series

  • World of the Five Gods, by Lois McMaster Bujold (Harper Voyager / Spectrum Literary Agency)

Best Related Work

  • No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters, by Ursula K. Le Guin (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Best Graphic Story

  • Monstress, Volume 2: The Blood, written by Marjorie M. Liu, illustrated by Sana Takeda (Image Comics)

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form

  • Wonder Woman, screenplay by Allan Heinberg, story by Zack Snyder & Allan Heinberg and Jason Fuchs, directed by Patty Jenkins (DC Films / Warner Brothers)

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

  • The Good Place: “The Trolley Problem,” written by Josh Siegal and Dylan Morgan, directed by Dean Holland (Fremulon / 3 Arts Entertainment / Universal Television)

Best Editor, Short Form

  • Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas

Best Editor, Long Form

  • Sheila E. Gilbert

Best Semiprozine

  • Uncanny Magazine, edited by Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas, Michi Trota, and Julia Rios; podcast produced by Erika Ensign & Steven Schapansky

Best Fanzine

  • File 770, edited by Mike Glyer

Best Fancast

  • Ditch Diggers, presented by Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace

Best Fan Writer

  • Sarah Gailey

Best Fan Artist

  • Geneva Benton



  1. It should be noted that Monstress, Volume 1 won the Hugo last year as well.
    (That year was also the first with the new voting rules, and almost every winner was female.)

  2. Monstress is very stylised, and is very good at it and what it is, but I can leave it. Not for me, or I’m too old. The mystery of why the protagonist dislikes herself, lashes out, and how this is fused with her animal-spirit side is either a hook you commit to, or not. If you commit, this series is for you. I’m not moved, by the little fox that follows her around and helps her see something in herself, etc. Bit questish. Gaiman’s recommendation is no surprise. As I said, good at what it does, if you can commit.

    Animals and anthropomorphism is a strange fit in a book. The usage in Monstress isn’t as bad as some, that have no inexplicable usage of all types of animals, for no reason. But, yeah, it’s okay. Probably some cultural stuff there. Good for young people, probably.

  3. Lionel, the same type of incendiary behavior that the non comics crowd stirred up for representation and let those diverse marvel titles die on store shelves is being exhibited by these oh so self indulgent neo cons who will let well made classic macho titles rot as well. This consumer brigade that whinges online but never really engaged in the actual buying of comics can suck an egg on either side of the aisle. Where did The Last Jedi touch you?

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