InstaCop debuts on Tumblr todayWell, this looks worth a look-see or two or three. Kill Shakespeare (IDW) Artist, Andy Bellanger,  and former Marvel/DC Digital Comics Editor, Kwanza Johnson are launching a high satire new social media comic series, InstaCop, across Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter starting today.

Bellanger and Johnson are bona fide digital comics pioneers. The two first worked together at Zuda, DC’s now defunct digital imprint, on Bellanger’s Bottle of Awesome and both have numerous e-comics credits to their name.

Johnson, who was front and center at just about every major digital comics initiative the Big Two have spearheaded since the marketplace first opened up, describes Insta★COP as “an homage to 80’s, vigilante police movies.”
He says the two came up for the idea for the series during a stroll around downtown LA where many of the 80’s cop movies the series derives inspiration from were filmed. He mentioned to Bellanger, “how much interaction he and other artists receive on Instagram when they post pics of their artwork. I pointed out that social media is a surprisingly untapped channel for delivering comic stories. Especially, when you consider the hurdles of building a single site and then marketing it to generate traffic”

With Insta★COP, the two are trying to, “make content easier to find, and share, by delivering it across whatever channels people are using. There’s no app to download, no RSS feed to subscribe to, no URL to remember, the content is just a part of your network if you like or follow it.”

You can like, follow or otherwise patrol Insta★COP across any of your existing networks here:

Follow Insta★COP on Instagram at @insta_cop





Here’s the official PR…




InstaCOP, an homage to 80s, vigilante police movies breaks new ground and debuts across Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

September 24, 2012  –  Forerunners in the digital comics landscape, illustrator/creator Andy Belanger (Black Church, Kill Shakespeare, Bottle of Awesome) and digital comics editor/evangelist Kwanza Johnson (DC Digital, Zuda Comics, join forces to pioneer social media channels with an 80’s pastiche comic series titled, INSTA★COP.

INSTA★COP debuts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr with updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; following a traditional, three-panel strip format delivered across the unconventional lines of popular social media platforms. The story is about a Texas motorcycle patrolman, named John Cop. Cop is the baddest dude on the force, with a passion for justice and dealing it out by whatever means necessary (usually violence). INSTA★COP is a darkly comedic, action comic that has fun with the simplistic, but entertaining genre of police films that spawned the slow-motion, CGI-enhanced, explosion-fests people love today.


Insta★Cop is digital comic series created and owned by Andy Belanger and Kwanza Johnson, utilizing social media channels to deliver entertaining comic narratives, wherever people are consuming content.


Instagram: @insta_cop



Futurist with a black belt in storytelling, ePub, SMO & heuristic GUIs used to Kung Fu content strategy & intuitive user experiences. Kwanza has trail-blazed the digital comics landscape for over a decade with both Marvel and DC Comics. He ❤’s comics, hats & bacon.



Andy Belanger works as a freelance cartoonist/illustrator out of the MONTREAL-based STUDIO LOUNAK. He does work in the mainstream and children’s comic market, plus a wide variety of work for the Canadian Film and Television industry. Andy has worked for such comic publishers as DC Comics, Wildstorm, Devil’s Due, and Boom! He is currently the artist on IDW’s new series “Kill Shakespeare” as well as three self published works one of which being the total ode to Heavy Metal titled “Black Church”. Andy B is also currently developing new full length YA graphic novels based on past literary classics with a contemporary twist. He loves dogs and cats and anything with monsters!



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  1. …and all three are blocked at work. (As is Blogspot. But Google Plus isn’t.)

    “Insta★COP” doesn’t return an exact match searching on Google.

    Do any of the three social sites generate ad revenue from each visitor?

    How well with the images work on a smartphone, since that is where I check Twitter and Facebook?

    A tradtional, webcomic website would be a good back-up, since it prevents cyber-squatting, and allows one to control whatever they want to do. (What if Facebook filters the comic because it is “dirty”?)

  2. Hey Torsten, we plan on hitting up Google+ soon too, but are experimenting on these four first. We’re thinking we need readers before we can generate an advert sales program.

    Our Facebook, page is filtered 18+ and up.

    Also, since you check them out on Facebook and Twitter mobile let us know how it looks.

    The great thing about experiments like this is feedback, so that the series can evolve and grow.

  3. Hmmm… is there a way to link the various social media sites so that comments sent to one page appear instantly on the others? So that Twitter comments are interacting with Facebook comments?

    It’s an interesting time for digital comics… how soon before companies start selling collectible thumb drives containing a full year of comics with extras at shows? Buy them with a company logo, and the cost is less than $3 for a 128MB drive. Since the drives can be loaded as needed, you never sell out! (And if you run out of pre-stamped USB drives, then you make a quick run to the local business supply store and sell “variants”! Have the artist or writer autograph the case!)

    Spend a few more bucks for a unique USB body, and make the drive itself a collectible, like the Mimobot drives!

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