You may remember folks getting a little heated about this year’s MoCCA Festival. There were many, many complaints and problems, and not a lot of response from the show runners at the time, which increased the agitation. But at Robot 6 Tim o”Shea talks with MoCCA Director Karl Erickson and addresses most of the complaints. To his great credit, Erickson takes the high road and acknowledges that things didn’t go as well as hoped but that steps can be taken to improve matters in the future:

We are certainly taking steps to contain and minimize the mistakes of this year, the most important of which is getting a much earlier jump in the planning and execution of the Festival. This includes a lengthy review of the 2009 Festival with practical solutions suggested. These include moving the Festival earlier in the spring (as this is not the first year we have had heat problems, AC or no), starting on every aspect of the Festival earlier, and creating a new MoCCA website that will deliver information much more effectively to exhibitors and attendees.

We hear a lot of talks have been going on behind the scenes (as they should) and Erickson makes many references to talking more to exhibitors farther in advance. In The Beat‘s experience, better communication helps defray a lot of anger and disappointment, so hopefully, things are getting back on track. MoCCA is a wonderful show, and everyone wants it to stay wonderful.