OOOOOKAY, begin the MoCCA news dump! Chris Mautner at [email protected] has a nice little run down and here’s SOME of what we found on the internets as far as previews go. IF we left you out shoot us an email and we’ll update.

Ben Rosen
Marek Bennett
Vanessa Satone
One Percent Press
Dave Roman
Lunchbox Funnies
Tom Neely
The Flight crew
Kean Soo


Jeffrey Rowland
with NEW POSTER (above.)
Raina Telgemeier
Josh Neufeld
Denis St. John
Marion Vitus
Lark Pien
David Malki
Cliff Face Comics
Daryl Ayo Brathwaite
John Green
Cat Garza
Jen Wang
Below the cut: more news and pre dumps!

Abby Denson:

I’ll be at table # A6 with Matt Loux ^_^ It’s the debut of Dolltopia 2: The Doctor of Dolltopia, you can go to and read all of Dolltopia 1 in it’s entirety, just in time for Dolltopia 2! I will also have Dolltopia paper dolls, paintings, and of course, Tough Love: High School Confidential!

On Saturday I will also be signing at The Prism booth from 1-2pm and I’ll be presenting a Lulu Award Saturday, June 7, 8:30 PM at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) in Manhattan, at 594 Broadway, Suite 401 (between Houston and Prince Streets).

Mammal Magazine:
Mammal Mail

The Mammal crew has been very busy this spring! We’ve just wrapped up the second issue of Mammal magazine, which will be coming out within the month! The theme for this one is “machismo” with 96 pages of harry-knuckled goodness from Devin Clark, Jim Cooke, Matt Dorfman, Eric Eley, Tom Forget, Chris Hosmer, Les Kanturek, and Dan Meth.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Mammal apparel has arrived! We’ve got three bad ass t-shirt designs from Tom Forget, Matt Dorfman, and Devin Clark. Get yours today at the Mammal web store!

Or, if you’re in NYC and you’d rather buy goodies from us in person, then come visit our booth at the Mocca Art Fair this weekend (June 7th & 8th). We will have copies of Mammal 001, t-shirts, posters, art prints, plus original artwork from our upcoming book. We hope to see you there!

American Terrorist

In a political climate of fear and distraction, four ordinary citizens are labeled as terrorists when they take a stand against the american government.

A limited preview edition of the controversial new series, American Terroritst, by A Wave Blue World will be available at this years MoCCA Art Festival on June 7 and 8.

The 24-page black & white preview will feature the first 14 pages of the series as well as character designs and behind the scenes sketches from series creators Tyler Chin-Tanner and Andy MacDonald.

To obtain a copy of the preview or to find out more about the new series, visit Tyler Chin-Tanner’s booth at the MoCCA Art Festival or visit

Tragic Relief

TRAGIC RELIEF is a Xeric Award Winning graphic novella by Center for Cartoon Studies class of 2007 graduate Colleen Frakes.

It will debut at the 2008 MoCCA Art Festical in New York, NY (June 7-8th tables C25 and C26).

TRAGIC RELIEF is the story of both the luckiest and unluckiest man in the world, his many loves, losses, and the mother that is with him throughout it all.

A panel-less comic told in poetic pantomime, TRAGIC RELIEF is a meditation on the themes of sex, love and the “unknowable other”.

Cover Promo
Another anthology about which we know little, but the cover is nice.