Goddess Lo-Res Cover
Okay we’re nerds, but we may just bring our copy of this. But even more important…FINALLY …GODDESS OF WAR!

PictureBox will be at the MoCCA comics festival this weekend at NYC’s Puck Building (At the corner of Lafayette and Houston). We will debut the following books and zines:

-Goddess of War by Lauren Weinstein

-Cold Heat Special 4 by Jim Rugg and Frank Santoro

-Core of Caligula by CF

-We Lost the War but Won the Battle by Michel Gondry

-Crazy Town by Paul Gondry

-Bicycle Fluids (not) by Matthew Thurber

-Faded Igloo by Jim Drain

-The Museum of Love and Mystery by Jim Woodring (a Presspop edition)

Michel Gondry, Paul Gondry, Gary Panter, Frank Santoro, Lauren Weinstein, CF and Matthew Thurber will all be in attendance.

The schedule is:


11-12: Frank Santoro and Lauren Weinstein
12-2: Michel Gondry, Paul Gondry and Lauren Weinstein
2-3: CF, Frank Santoro, Gary Panter
3-4: Gary Panter, CF, and Lauren Weinstein
3:45-4:55: Frank Santoro Lecture @ MoCCA!
4-5: CF, Michel Gondry, Paul Gondry
5-6: CF and Dan Nadel in Conversation @ MoCCA!
5-6: Lauren Weinstein, Michel Gondry, Paul Gondry


11-12: Frank Santoro & Lauren Weinstein
12-2: Michel Gondry, Paul Gondry, Lauren Weinstein
2-3: Frank Santoro, Matthew Thurber, Lauren Weinstein
3-5: Michel Gondry, Paul Gondry, Matthew Thurber

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