It was an absolutely perfect day out, but that didn’t stop a crowd from showing up at the Puck Building. It was another smashing success at the MoCCA Art Festival, as a stunning array of cartoonists from around the world showed their wares. Someone compared MoCCA to the Sundance of comics, and with people from all levels of the NYC art scene perusing the indie offerings, it was a great place to see and be seen. And now a few photos… We had kind of a busy day but here’s some of what unfolded.

The phenom — Alexa Kitchen and mom Stacey.

Martha Thomases and Patty Jeres

Comic Foundry’s Laura Hudson and Tim Leong

Mini Sky-Deviler!

One of Los Plantanos. The Kaiju Big Battel gang was back in the house after a long absence.

Peter Snejberg led the Danish delegation.

Upstairs is a large contingent of Scandinavian cartoonists, from Finland, Norway and Denmark. You must check out their work!

Wizard was at the show.

The picture you never thought you would see!

Paul Pope.

Alvin Buenaventura, Francoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman

Did we mention that the weather was utterly sublime? On the way to the Jonathan Levine Gallery we stopped to snap some shots of Frank Gehry’s new IAC building over on the West Side Highway.

A memory of a perfect day. Gehry’s building appears to have frosted glass, but up close it’s covered with tiny white dots.

South Salazar’s “Space Cadets” show is a stunning 3D extravaganza of a miniature universe. You will want to stay there for a long time. His unflagging imagination has created a world of happy little creatures busily working and doing, a post-Modern Richard Scarry. The show was really worth the trek to the west side!

Salazar and his girlfriend, Saelee Oh. There was also a Shep Fairey show on which was spectacular as well. After a prankster set off a smoke bomb at a Fairey opening on Thursday, and the vandal known as “The Splasher” was considered to be at large, security at this show was very tight.

Then it was off to the Top Shelf 10th Anniversary bash — check out that fancy cake!

Obligatory Dino picture.

People were hanging out on the street, rapping. The vibe was really mellow and nice. Thanks Chris and Brett for the great party and 10 years of important comics. Overall, it was a splendid day such as any would be lucky to experience.

[Thanks to Tom for some photo ID help.]


  1. Hi Heidi,

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    -Paul Karasik