Yow! We had so many debuts we had to split them up into two posts. In this one, we look at individuals and their debuting comics, books and minis. Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

ThesedreamsBox Brown has two debuts and three books:
1) Xeric funded book Book “Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing”
2) The Ultimate Bellen! webcomic collection These Dreams Keep Me Going These Days
3) Unsyndicated Press: A newspaper collection of the failed Bellen! United Features Newspaper Strip

Bill Roundy: I’ll be exhibiting at the MoCCA Art Festival again this year! And I’ve got a debut: “The Amazing Adventures of Bill: the complete journal comics”, a 296-page tome collecting five years of my webcomic. I’ll also have a selection of gay romantic-comedy mini-comics, featuring monsters, pirates, and superheroes.

FtransitrontcoverPeter Quach is a new cartoonist who will be selling his self-published TRANSIT at the show. “Transit is a story of being in your 20s in the city, somewhat lost, and yet not totally alone. It’s a story of transitioning from one era of your life to another. And it’s a story of the connections between people that sometimes keep us alive. Try before you buy: Read the whole thing online.

Eskillman Egg1 Cover
Eric Skillman: I’m a writer, designer, and illustrator, and I’ll be hawking my wares at this year’s MoCCA Festival. In addition to a few snazzy silkscreen and giclee prints of my own artwork, I’ll be selling copies of my crime anthology comic, “EGG: Hard Boiled Stories” #1, written/colored by me, and drawn by Jhomar Soriano, Jorge Coehlo, Dan Duncan, Joe Dellagatta, and Connor Willumsen (who be also be attending the festival, selling his own great comics at the table next to me). Plus, a new minicomic, “Cold Feet,” about a bank heist foiled by inclement weather, with art by Evan Bryce.

Marek Bennett is bringing
“Breakfast at Mimi’s,” the book collects the first three years’ worth of Bennett’s “Mimi’s Doughnuts” weekly newspaper comic strips.

Woman-King-Cover-PrThe I Know Joe Kimpel crew will be on hand in force. Check out the link to see their fine looking minis. Here’s a list:

Woman King! by Xeric award winner Colleen Frakes (Right)
Monsters & Girls: Amelia part 2 by Denis St. John . Denis will also have copies available of the first part of the Huck Huck & the Indians by Emily Wieja
Creepy Losers! by Caitlin Plovnick
Trivial Anthology by Alex Kim (Wall City) and Alexis Frederick-Frost (La Primavera / Adventures in Cartooning), Sean Ford (the highly-acclaimed self-published Only Skin mini-series) and A.L. Arnold.
Prune Hands by Mario van Buren
Smuttynose 2 by Bob Oxman
Indestructible Universe Quarterly by Morgan Pielli

Hanks Event
Paul Karasik annouces that “The Fletcher Hanks Experience” will debut at MoCCA Comics festival on Saturday, June 6 at 5:00.

“The Fletcher Hanks Experience” is a safari over the craggy landscape of the psyche of Fletcher Hanks. Combining archival audio of Hanks’ son with comic book panels, Paul Karasik takes the audience into the mind of the man whom R. Crumb called, “A Twisted dude”.

PLUS: “You Shall Die By YOur Own Evil Creation!” the 2nd volume of collected Hanks tales will also debut at MoCCA!

PLUS PLUS PLUS: Each Hanks book purchased at MoCCA comes with a complimentary coloring book, “Color Me or DIE!” with a cover drawn by Charles Burns!!!

Neil Swaab: debuts Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles: Vol. 3

Lock your doors, hide your liquor, and grab your penicillin; Mr. Wiggles is back for more mayhem and misanthropy in this third collection of comics from acclaimed cartoonist, Neil Swaab! Join Mr. Wiggles and his human companion as they navigate a world of addiction, sex, psychosis, and dangerous obsession, discovering humor in the most unlikely (and sometimes unwanted) places. With over 200 comics plus all new bonus activities, this is the most deviant Mr. Wiggles book yet!

2D Cloud from Minnesota will be coming to the show with YEARBOOKS by Nic Breutzman. Also at their table will be Ed Choy Moorman, winner of the Xeric Grant for his benefit anthology “Ghost Comics” which will also be debuting at MoCCA. Sean Lynch will also be at their table.

Db CoverDov Torbin writes: Ben Granoff and I will be featuring our new marijuana adventure comic, “Dingleberry Blues” at this year’s MoCCA Fest. We are currently releasing the full book periodically on our site www.benvsdov.com. We will also have brand new (free) stickers at our booth of Larry Bird taking a shit.

The Timony Brothers, Bobby and Peter, are debuting a new webcomic, right.

Ken Wong writes: I am looking forward to debuting Schrödinger’s Cat, my newest origami-comic at this year’s MoCCA-Fest. Schrödinger’s Cat will present my (hopefully humorous and interesting) musings on theoretical physicist Erwin Schrödinger’s famous thought experiment in ways that are uniquely appropriate to comics.

The Beat’s readers may remember that my first origami-comic, Pandora’s Box, was part of your coverage from last year’s MoCCA-Fest. I will have a newer and slightly different version of Pandora’s Box for sale this year. Also, as a contributing writer to the new Secret Identities Asian-American superhero anthology (www.secretidentities.org), I’ll be signing copies of that book at my table.
Jam2CovercolorRobin Enrico: My second graphic novel Jam in the Band vol. 2 will be debuting at this years show. It is the continuing story of all-girl rock band Pitch Girl and their thorny journey on the road to stardom. I will be at table 522 with print copies of both the first and second volume of Jam in the Band. Both of which will also should be available for the iTunes store in July.

Hoti 1 Final Cover AMike Zagari: I’ll be debuting my new self published comic called Human on the Inside and will be at table 515. Human on the Inside is about the journey of a young man made of glass and a young girl made of coral, in search of who they are and how they came to be.

First Harvest - Trees & HillsDaniel Barlow & Trees and Hills: Trees & Hills is putting out our first actual book with a spine at MoCCA this year – a 166-page collection of our first four mini-comic anthologies from 06-08. Steve Bissette has two pieces in here – one with his son too. Contributors Colleen Frakes and Marek Bennett are Xeric winners. We’re really proud of the book. And it’s only $10!

Cover GreenbloodedCathy Leamy:This weekend, I’m debuting *Greenblooded*, a minicomic introduction to environmentally friendly feminine hygiene. I’m really excited about it – it’s been a fun topic to research and explore, and I think it could open the door for a lot of great discussion about women and the environment.

Mocca2009AAbby Denson: I will have a new mini for the show – ‘More Cute Boys of the ’80s’! (the sequel to the much loved ‘Cute Boys of the ’80s’ which will also be available). I will also have ‘My Boyfriend is a Space Robot’ and Tough Love on hand and will be at table #514